Osteopathic Professional Development

A new take on continuing education and professional development for Osteopaths

Continuing medical education or professional development (CME / CPD) is an assumed commitment of Osteopaths, whether regulated or not. Lifelong learning and a dedication to continual improvement are what the public expects.But with all these ‘assumptions’ and ‘expectations’, where does that leave You, the Osteopath?Besides ticking a box every year […]

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The New OsteoProfessional Has Arrived

And it's real, raw and relevant ...

The completely revamped version of OsteoProfessional is going to be fun and rewarding for everyone who participates, and beneficial even for those who don’t.Here’s why.The purpose of OsteoProfessional has shifted to a grass roots movement of helping Osteopaths increase Osteopathy awareness at the local level, which when achieved as a […]

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